Wednesday, December 31, 2003

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As 2003 draws to a close, it’s usually time to reflect on the past year and it’s also time for the inevitable year-end news roundups. So, I thought that it would be an interesting exercise then to see what my students thought was the most important news story of 2003. It’s always surprising to read what they come up with…

In places, I’ve added just a few editorial comments in Italics to help clarify some of their writing.

War in Iraq
Earlier this year the world focused its attention on Iraq; on it’s alleged weapons program and the ensuing conflict that saw Saddam Hussein’s regime finally toppled.

The USA hitted Iraq
Iraq is a bad country
Because they are coming war
So USA is very very bad country
USA is many powers
Because, they are very big country
Big = power = money
Although the USA hitted Iraq
The USA has power and much money
I think USA and Iraq – all bad.

Lina, 15

Typhoon Maemi
In September, Typhoon Maemi, the most powerful typhoon ever recorded in Korea, battered southern part of Korea (including Ulsan), leaving at least 110 dead or missing.

In 2003
Typhoon Maemi was very terrible.
I was went to grandmother’s house.
I was afraid.
In grandmother’s house, a floor covered with laminated paper was waved. (shaking)I hugged my mother.
My grandmother’s house was some broke.
The tree was broke.
Every where was broke.
The deck was flew.
In 2003
Was very terrible year.
I can’t remember this year.
In 2004
I want to no typhoon in Ulsan
Good bye Typhoon Maemi
Don’t go everywhere
All people don’t like you.
Bye - - -

Ruby, 14

The typhoon is in Korea.
So the house is fly and fisherman is not catch the fish.
And the river is increase.
Because Maemi is got a lot of rain.

Alex, 9

Subway fire in Daegu
In February, a man unhappy with his personal circumstances started a fire on a subway train, turning the train and station into an underground inferno that killed nearly 200 innocent people.

In 2003, many people are die.
It’s very terrible.
And many people cry.
Many people lose families, and they see and cry.
It’s very big accident.
Maybe they can’t remember this accident. If they remember this accident, they cry again.
This accident is never forget in Korea.
Person is very bad and he is crazy man.
I think he is crazy man.
2003 was very terrible year.

Julie, 14

2003 year have a lot of thing.
But I choose Subway fire in Daegu. First I saw that news, I’m so surprise. And our family saw and heard that news. And then my father called to our grand aunt so quickly. Good fortune she is OK. And we can saw Daegu subway news better.
A many, many people is die. Bereaved family is looks so sadly. They cried without end. We’re sad too. It’s from boss of subway. He isn’t say all people and in another room people die too. And maybe crazy man didn’t made fire, children and people is so be happy day. So I think I have to be a safe life.

Tommy, 13

Daegu Subway fire is very sad because Daegu is my hometown!
And the day it happen is my birthday!
I was very amaze and sad.
Many people died… It’s very terrible.
But government people is effortless about this accident.
I’m very upset and sad…
I don’t like Korea government people!

Mary, 15

Crazy man drink soju and subway fire
Close door and off right crazy man is run outside.
Many people is died. Crazy man is bad.

Zach, 14

Over the summer, this respiratory illness struck Asia hard, devastating tourism and economies on the continent. Surprisingly, Korea emerged unscathed.

In China, SARS came first.
Many people dead. Korea people were not dead and don’t have SARS.
Because Korean ate kimchi very much.
SARS is very bad. Because SARS killed many people.
In morning, I saw a news to TV.
News content was about SARS. In China, many people died.
I listened to SARS content first, I was very surprised.
I hate SARS
I think and I feel “I will eat kimchi very much.”
Kimchi is very delicious.

Julie, 16

Roh Moo Hyun is sworn in as President of South Korea.
In January, riding a popular wave of anti-American sentiment, Roh Moo Hyun took control as the 16th President of the Republic of South Korea.

Last year, we elected the president.
And this year, Roh Moo Hyun was president in Korea.
So club made through Roh Moo Hyun. Named ‘Noh Sa Mo’. Symbol color is yellow.
I love my country.
And I love our country president.
President made good country.
Team went to ‘Cheong Wa Dae’ (‘Blue House’ – Korea’s Whitehouse)
Cheong Wa Dae is beautiful…
Dear President.
Hey, you must do well!

System, 15

Bird Flu
In December, Korea killed over 20,000 chickens and 3,000 ducks and set up a tight quarantine in an effort to halt the spread of the deadly bird flu.

Bird flu is spread over Korea.
So I can’t eat chicken.
But I want to eat chicken.
So I ate it alone (small chicken)
My mom is very angry.
I’m scolded.
So I said excuse. “The chicken is safe.”
But she doesn’t believe.
I want to eat chicken now.
But I don’t want scold.
I need to be more patient person.

Alice, 15

The bird flu is appeared Korea.
It is bad cold of bird. It is very dangerous.
I don’t eat bird meat. It is terrible. The cow is mad. The bird flu. The pig colera. The meats are not safety. Only the fish is safe. Then, people go to eat fishes.
When end of year, people have many out meals. But, the meat store is not good. Because the people think the meat is dangerous. It’s very serious problem.
I heared the chicken is safe.
Cook the chicken high degree. Then, the chicken is safe.
In a word, this year is not good year.

Adam, 14

Mad cow disease
A lone case of mad cow disease discovered in the US prompted officials in South Korea to ban all imports of American beef.

This is begin in United States
This is still remain today.
I saw it in the news.
I heard, it is very scared.
Many people dead, because of the mad cow disease.
The cow is crazy in the picture!
In the meat, they selled it very cheap to the ordinary people.
Because, if the people knows no one buy the American cow’s meat
They are very bad.
I think the mad cow disease is began with the bad air.
We’re make the air’s become bad.
And the cows eat the air?
Poor cows…
We must conquest this!

Cindy, 14

Korean boys are obsessed with wrestling so many of them chose to write about events of the past year. I swear I have no idea what they are talking about….

Kane take off mask
Because Kane was lost a match
Kane vs. Triple H
Eric Bischoff said Kane the match lose
Kane take off mask
Kane vs. Triple H
The match was Triple H win
So Kane was take off mask and Kane was choke slam to RVD
And Kane face was black and dog eye
But Kane was fix the face
Next Kane vs. Shane
All match was Kane win
Last match was ambulance match at Survivor Pay per View.
Kane was tomston (tombstone sp.) for Shane
And Shane was on to ambulance.

Tom, 13


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