Monday, May 05, 2003

Last weekend was a nice change from our regular hectic pace. Saturday morning, I went out to play a quick 5-a-side game with the Ulsan Won Shot Wanderers. I had to leave early as Joanna was here for a visit. She arrived by bus and we spent most of the day just hanging out at our house, watching movies. Saturday night we went bar hopping in Ulsan, hitting all the local foreigner bars: McKenzies, Asshole and the Royal Anchor. Sunday we relaxed a bit and by mid afternoon, Joanna had to return to Jeonju.

Easter in Korea passed with little incident - and you couldn't buy a Cadbury's Cream Egg if your life depended on it. Seems the holiday isn't really celebrated much here. That is unless, of course, you count the hundreds of baby chicks, some dyed all colours of the rainbow, for sale in the market. They went for under a dollar a piece, or three for two bucks. It was quite a pitiful site and even though we've been here long enough now to have seen some really weird things for sale in the market, we couldn't help but feel sorry for them.

And that is how George, Tony and Saddam joined our family. Yes, we bought three little, fluffy yellow chicks who now rule the top bedroom of our house. We named them in honour of the end of the Gulf War. They are very cute, but eat like vacuum cleaners and make a hell of a noise most of the time. Thankfully, I've been able to tune out their peeping, otherwise I think it would definitely drive me crazy by now.

Our plan is, if they survive, to keep them on our roof. After all, it's a much better fate than what awaited them in that market, in my opinion. Hopefully we didn't buy three roosters or the neighbours will hate us.

Today saw the remnants of Typhoon Kujira hit the pennisula, which meant it has been absolutely bucketing down all day. The Taewha River by our house is swollen with the rainfall and the drainage outlets are all pouring out like mini-Niagaras. I guess as spring is here and summer approaches, typhoons become more frequent. Last year, Korea was rocked by a powerful typhoon shortly before we arrived. We'll have to wait and see what this year has in store.


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