Thursday, December 19, 2002

Well, we've arrived in Korea. Long flight, crappy food - but what else is new. First impression of Korea - looks like Richmond. Long flat fields by the sea, surrounded by a big city and mountains in the background. It's quite pretty actually. Seoul is huge but we didn't get any time to spend there, just jumped a bus to another airport and flew on to Ulsan.

Ulsan is pretty nice and our digs are pretty good. We share the top stage of a house with another American girl Ambrosia who is very cool. Our pad is underfurnished right now, but Amy and I are planning to get some furniture and fix it up once we've settled a bit and have some cash to spend. Only problem is that they definitely don't design these places with large Westerners in mind. The doorways are much smaller and I have to duck a lot to get around. Feels kinda like living in a hobbit home.

We're in a nice part of town up on a hill and overlooking the river. Today, there was a huge market where they take over the streets. Lots of interesting stuff for sale, Ulsan being by the sea means lots of fresh seafood, including squid, eels, octopi and tons of fresh fish. Nothing really weird, and I'm still on the hunt for a monkey! We're going to check out the school where we're teaching later today - it's about about a 20 min. walk from home.

I don't think the culture shock has set in much. Maybe it's living in Vancouver and being surrounded by Asians there, but it doesn't feel all that different here really. I mean, it's a little weird not understanding the language, but everyone is very helpful when you are trying to buy something or get somewhere. You can get a long with nodding your head and gesturing I guess.


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