Thursday, December 19, 2002

Sorry for the lateness of this update, it's amazing how fast the weeks fly by here. I can't believe we've been in Korea now for almost two months!

The weather in Ulsan has finally turned colder. It's still sunny and clear, but the days are freezing! We're having to bundle up in many layers. It's hard to complain right now as I'm sure that once the hot Korean summer arrives, I'll be begging for the cold again.

We finally got our first full paycheque from work, which was a really good feeling. The best part is that all of our pay comes in cash and being that the highest bill in Korean won is 10,000 and our monthly salary is about 1.9 million won, you end up with huge wad of cash! You definitely feel like a high roller, move over Jimmy Pattison...

Our first purchase was a slightly used, but in good condition, scooter. Man, is it fun! Those of you still slogging it out on public transport, I would highly recommend buying one. It's most excellent. There no feeling quite like burning in and out of traffic on a bike powered by a lawnmower engine.. The bonus being that in Korea, you can ride it anywhere, down the streets, on the sidewalk, in and out of shopping malls. Well, maybe not shopping malls, but pretty close.. We get pointed at, and laughed at a lot but that seems to be par for the course in Korea. You get used to it.

Come to think of it, in honour of Benny's memory, I would like to propose a naming competition for our new scooter. She (or he) is Cherry Red, packs a whalloping 50cc's of raw power and handles like a stuck pig. That being said, she is reliable, easy to use, and in the words of one web site a "fiesty machine".

So, here's the deal, you come up with the winning entry and I will personally send you one crisp new 10,000 won bill. Yes that's a whole $12.89 (CAD) or $8.26 for you American folks.

On Sunday, Amy and I mounted our trusty steed (name TBD) and sped across the city through the rain to our Director's house to make Kimchi. I tell you, there's nothing like having your arms in a bucket of fermenting cabbage rubbing chili paste onto the leaves to pass a rainy afternoon. Actually, it was a lot of fun. I may even throw in some Kimchi for the winning scooter name.

On the horizon, this weekend Amy, Joanna and I are heading up to Seoul to see DJ Sasha in concert. I'll have a full report next week, having braved the Korean train system and dodged Korean ravers.

Anyway, hope you are all well. Anxiously awaiting your best scooter names.


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